About Us

Solar Electric Manufacturers Association Nepal (SEMEN) is a non-governmental, non-profit making, non-political professional business association, which represent all the Solar PV Electric Industries in Nepal and registered in District Administration Office, Katmandu. It was established in B.S. 2057/4/20 (A.D. 2000/8/4) and the registration number is 39/057/058.

SEAMAN is an association of Solar electric manufacturing and trading companies, which is capable of executing the PV, related works. It has already handled several PV related training like Solar Electric Technicians Level - I and Solar Electric Technician Level - II. It has also conducted several orientation training for school teachers and company staffs. SEMAN is committed to fulfilling all the problems of the solar company as well as whole solar sector there by co-cordial interactions with the Alternative Energy Promotion Centre (AEPC) and other relevant government agencies, Provincial Governments, Local Governments, Nepal Electricity Authority, Donor agencies and trade associations.



To Monitor all the Solar PV Industries in Nepal and work as an umbrella organization to protect, develop and professional rise & duties of all the Solar PV Companies.

Electricity Supply

To encourage for the establishment of Solar PV Industries in order to have electricity supply from the Solar Power as an alternative to electricity supply in various remote places of Nepal.

Establishment of Solar PV Industries

To encourage for the establishment of Solar PV Industries

Program Organization

To organize seminars, exhibitions, workshop programs for the development of Solar PV industries.

Assigning Duties

To perform all the necessary duties required fulfilling the above objectives.